20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off Baby Quasar Coupons plus free gift

Here is a new Baby Quasar Coupon code at Baby Quasar Coupons that is just in time for the last holiday shopping rush.  Use this Baby Quasar Coupon code to save a full 20 percent of any Baby Quasar Light therapy device.  Not only is it 20 percent off you also get Baby Quasar free shipping and you get a free Baby Quasar Anti-aging serum that is worth $46 in value while supplies last.  Get it before they run out of the free Baby Quasar Anti aging serum, but if they are out 20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off and free shipping is still the best deal you will find anywhere for Baby Quasar discounts.

20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off is a huge savings for the top of the line Baby Quasar Light therapy devices.  The savings at 20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off works out as follows – $160 off the Baby Quasar MD Plus, $80 off Baby Quasar Plus, $120 off Baby Quasar MD Blue, $70 off Baby Quasar Baby Blue, $140 off the Baby Quasar Power Pack plus and $50 off the Baby Quasar Clear Rayz.  Now there is one exception to this coupon where I found a better price and that was on the very popular Baby Quasar Baby Blue.  At 20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off the Baby Blue is $279 with free shipping after the discount.  There is a 21{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off Baby Blue coupon that is also listed at Baby Quasar coupons which actually works out to be a 24{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off coupon and you will pay $262.20 for a Baby Blue including free shipping.  The difference in savings between the two is about $17.  You will hover get the free Baby Quasar Anti aging serum with the 20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off coupon while they have stock left of the Baby Quasar Anti aging serum.  In a nutshell the extra $17 is what you would be paying for that bottle of Anti Aging serum.  The holiday’s are coming up fast, so if you want to get your new Baby Quasar before the holidays for yourself or if it’s a gift you should probably be ordering by no later than next week Monday or Tuesday if you want it delivered to you before the holidays.  I think the 20{feea1a95c8545657edb798b944c6590b320917b1088b73101e5b7d981c1ce8bc} off is the better deal for the baby blue.  The best deal is the power pack in my opinion.  You get both the red and blue treatments for a complete skin care treatment program for years and years in one shot.  Also keep in mind that Baby Quasar light therapy comes with a lifetime warranty for a reason and worth the little bit of extra money they cost, compared to it’s competitors on the market.


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